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7 Key Factors To Determine Solar Panel Efficiency.

Switching to solar is not at all a new phenomenon in Australia. Every day more and more Aussies are shifting to solar energy from traditional energy sources. If you don’t know, you must be living under the rock!Solar panels in Queensland have seen a tremendous rise over the last years and today, if we talk […]

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Debunking 7 Biggest Solar Power Myths In Australia

Solar energy consumption in Australia is becoming the norm. Australians are now quite familiar with renewable energy in their lives. Thanks to the Federal Government for generous subsidies.Also on the provincial level, the government has encouraged the usage of solar power. The clean energy regulator report shows there have been 623,527 small unit solar panels […]

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How Solar Power Boost Home Value

Solar power does not just reduce your energy bills but adds value to your home price as well. Yes! Multiple studies have shown that your house is worth more with solar panels.Australians are increasingly adopting renewable energy in their lives; especially the consumption of solar power systems in Queensland is higher than any other state […]

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Why Going Solar Is A Smart Choice For Australians

Solar energy plants in Australia are booming and it does not seem to stop. As a matter of fact; it is continuously on the rise. Every day more and more Australians are embracing solar energy for their homes.It is quite common today to see solar panels on our rooftop and terrace and the number is […]

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