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Commercial solar systems in Australia has seen a significant rise since 2014. While the residential solar growth is evident, the trajectory of commercial solar installations has been upwards.

Solar panel installation for commercial building is not as easy or let’s says straight-forward as residential. There are technical aspects to be considered as well as the approvals.

You have to pay attention to minute details while working upon the project. Generally, commercial solar panel systems in Australia are between 30kW – 100kW. The cost definitely varies from state to state and depends upon the size of the system.

Usually, a commercial solar system costs you around $1000 - $3000 per Kw installed. You need industry experts when it comes to install solar on commercial buildings.

Ever Power Solar has a right mix of experience and expertise to take care of all technicalities and guidelines to comply with. Over the years, we have done successful and hassle free commercial solar system installation in Australia.

We deal with:

1. Verification of your contract with energy retailer

2. Assessment of your property and roof for solar compliance

To make sure everything is in place before we move forward with the installation process.

Moreover, there are commercial solar rebates. There are two types of rebates – Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) and Large-scale Technology certificates (LTC)

If it is below 100kW system, you are eligible for STC. If you go over 100kW, then you are supposed to claim LTC.

It depends on the size of the system to come up with the precise rebate amount. However, roughly, you get $16,500 for a 30kW system priced at $30,000



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We have a dedicated and experienced team of solar experts who design the best commercial solar system. They will assess all roof and other technical installation aspects of your home, review the design, guarantee the production and incentives. You can choose the most convenient payment option. We deal with only Tier 1 brands for the maximum utilization and production of solar power.

Over the years, we have developed excellent relationships with our customers and ensure that our customers get best return on investment. We have the right mix of quality, reliability and affordability.

If you’re looking for the best commercial solar system, get in touch with us or just call us on 1800 819 617.

To be able to provide best solar solutions to our customers, we staunchly follow Australian government’s guidelines and combine the checklist with our years of industry experience. We have helped tens of thousands of businesses in Australia with solar and counting!

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