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Solar Panel Efficiency: What Panels Are Most Efficient?

The Australian market of solar panels is on the rise for the last few years, witnessing a massive increase in locally made and imported products. The rooftops of Australian homes and businesses increasingly realize the potential of an alternative source of energy. The solar panels absorb energy from the primary source of solar energy, the sun.

The Most Efficient Solar Panels for Your Home

While opting for the components for the solar system, there are several solar panels available. Here is a list of the most effective and efficient solar panels available with varying individual requirements and preferences.

  • Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panel

They are the two most common kinds of solar panels, offering a more efficient and reliable type. Researches claim that monocrystalline panels are a lot better than polycrystalline panels where the model and the brand matters the most.

Both of them comprise cells created with silicon wafers. For making the panels, the wafers get assembled in columns and a row creating a rectangle. These are wrapped within a glass sheet and framed together.

Both have cells created from silicon; hence these panels broadly vary in composition. The monocrystalline solar cells are crafted from a crystal of silicon. On the other hand, the polycrystalline solar cells have been created with silicon crystal fragments melt to forming a mould.

  • Thin-Film panels

On the other hand, thin-film panels are entirely different compared to the types mentioned above and invigorated with new technology. Having a robust black appearance, they might or might not have a frame. A panel without a frame is a thin panel. As the name suggests, the panels are thin as compared to the other panel types. This is primarily because the cells are 350 times more delicate.

  • Bifacial solar panels

This is another efficient solar panel that can rightly capture sunlight from both the front and back of a panel. Hence it tends to produce a lot more electricity as compared to the traditional solar panels. It comprises of a transparent black sheet for the sun to go through the panel. These panels are manufactured with monocrystalline solar cells.

The brands and prices tend to vary for each option; hence it is ideal to discuss an installer for the perfect solar panel for you. Each of these efficient solar panels is manufactured to be the right source of energy. The Australian market thus offers a variety and abundance to splurge on.

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