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Get Solar Power Systems in Brisbane

You must be living under the rock if you’re in Brisbane and don’t know about solar. The capital of the sunshine state has abundance of sun energy.

Brisbane is the hub of renewable energy and leading by example. Brisbane airport is now completely run by renewable energy.

If you’re looking for solar panels in Brisbane, look no further than us. Make the most of subtropical weather and get rid of your power bills. We help you go solar and slash your bills by up to 70% (get in touch with us).

Solar power systems in Brisbane comes with a host of advantage and offers extra benefits compare to other parts of the country.

Brisbane residents enjoy on average roughly 4 hours of sun power throughout the year. It means a 6.6kW solar system in Brisbane is sufficient to power up your homes. Simply put, if you live in Brisbane, solar is no longer an option for you.

Moreover, the surplus energy goes back to the grid and you get paid for that. Queensland has best feed-in tariffs and there are rebates for every solar panel system installed in Brisbane. As of August 2020, approximately 40% of houses in Brisbane are run by solar. Hurry up, go green and be part of the solar family.



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Install Solar Panels in Brisbane

We have a dedicated and experienced team of solar panel installers in Brisbane who design a customized system to meet your requirements. They will assess all roof and other technical installation aspects of your home, review the design and guarantee the production and incentives. You can choose the most convenient payment option. We deal with only Tier 1 brands for the maximum utilization and production of solar power.

Over the years, we have developed excellent relationships with our customers and ensure that our customers get best return on investment. We have the right mix of quality, reliability and affordability.

If you’re looking for the best solar panel companies in Brisbane, get in touch with us or just call us on 1800 819 617 for high quality commercial and residential solar systems at affordable prices.

To be able to provide best solar solutions to our customers, we staunchly follow Queensland government’s guidelines and combine the checklist with our years of industry experience. We have helped tens of thousands of residents in Brisbane with solar and counting!

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