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Solar Panels Mackay

Looking for Solar Panels Mackay? Ever Power Solar presents a list of top solar companies in Mackay if you are looking for the best 10 solar panel companies then your search ends here. We can make you stop paying too much. From solar panels to complete solar system solutions, Ever Power Solar assists you to save power and tell no to high power bills.

As one of leading solar power companies in Mackay, we at Ever Power Solar are here to help our customers with solar panels and inverters. Our teams deliver precise solar panel installation across QLD.

If you’re looking for solar panels in Mackay, look no further than us. We makes sure you choose the right commerical solar panels or residential solar panels to boost energy generation and save money.

Increasing energy costs has made solar energy a must-have investment in Australia. Our solar panels price is quite affordable compared to other players with respect to money savings on power bills.

Additionally, you get an opportunity to grab applicable incentives from the federal government. Anyone interested in installing a solar system can apply for the solar panels QLD government rebate as an integral part of the government’s initiative related to the renewable green energy program.

Trusted Solar Company offering Solar Packages across Mackay

As one of the topmost solar installers in Mackay, our teams work closely with our customers to cater to their precise and specific needs. We offer all set of solar systems, including 6.6 kW solar system, 10 kW solar system and a 13 kW solar system.

packages that fit your needs.



small home

20 x 330 = 6600W Tier 1 Panels

5kw Solar Inverter

Tier 1 Solar Module

High Efficiency Solar Module



medium home

30 x 330 = 9900W Tier 1 Panels

8kw Solar Inverter

Tier 1 Solar Module

High Efficiency Solar Module



Big Family Home

40 x 330 = 13,200W Tier 1 Panels

10kw Solar Inverter

Tier 1 Solar Module

High Efficiency Solar Module

Our highly equipped and trained team of professionals along with technical installers are dedicated to deliver high-quality services to our client base.

We design tailored solar power systems in Mackay so that our solar systems can fulfill the demands of all our customers. Here are more reasons why you should select us when exploring for solar power in Mackay:



Experienced, reputed and approved retailer


Trusted and certified panel installers


Enable best tier-1 inverters and solar panels


Affordable pricing for our treasured customers


10 years of inverter warranty and installation guarantee


25 years of performance warranty

Top Solar Companies in Mackay

We are a CEC approved retailer and CEC certified solar panel installers and have an outstanding team of solar consultants.

Here is a list of the top solar panel companies in Mackay to help you make the right choice. Go in for the nearest to you or dive deep into research to see which of these meets your requirements at the best prices.

List of Top Solar Panels in Mackay

1. LG :- The Company has a professional team offering clean energy and is best in providing better-quality customer services. It produces best solar panels with complete assurance and eplacement warranties.

2. QCELL :-The leading company manufacturers photovoltaic solar cells and its team has the precise skill-sets to facilitate advanced solar power systems.

3. TRINA :- The knowledgeable team of the company enables smart energy services and solar panels. Their teams provide exceptional power density and are the foremost choice in Mackey, QLD.

4. JINKO :- The solar panel company is a well accepted solar panel manufacturers and installers across Mackey. Solar panels by Jinko maintain consistency and have good performance levels.

5. LONGI :- The Company provides mono-crystalline solar cells and has planned for boosting production of mono-crystalline wafer to scale its operations.

6. Seraphim :- The Company is a reliable manufacturer with best categories of solar panel systems. With extensive warranties, it stands out as one of the topmost solar company in Mackey.

7. RISEN :-Company facilitates solar PV panels across Mackey, QLD. They operate in both solar panel sales and distribution.

8. SUNTECH :- The Company provides top solar panels and systems with superior quality levels, which is also a commitment by their proficient team. They provide service assistance and advanced solar solutions across their customer’s installation procedures.

List Of Top Solar Inverters in Mackay

1. FRONIUS: The Company is highly specialised and have skilled resources to deliver the best solar energy supplies.

2. SMA: The Company is known for its solar inverter advancements and offers superior sources of renewable energies across Albury.

3. SUNGROW: The Company is one of the topmost solar inverter producers with powerful solar solutions.

4. HUAWEI: The Company focuses on highly developed solar energy inverters and enables superior renewable energy sources.

5. SOLIS: With experience and practice in facilitating solar energy solutions, the Company is now looking to manufacture innovative solar-based inverter systems.

6. GOODWE: The solar industry manufacturer has enabled various industrial systems and utility-scale solar solutions right in Albury.

7. GROWATT: The Company provides residential and commercial solar inverter solutions with professional customer support services.

Install Solar Panels in Mackay

We have a dedicated and experienced team of solar panel installers in Mackay who design a customized system to meet your requirements. They will assess all roof and other technical installation aspects of your home, review the design and guarantee the production and incentives. You can choose the most convenient payment option. We deal with only Tier 1 brands for the maximum utilization and production of solar power.

Our professional teams are your local solar panel experts. We precisely assess your requirements and personalize our solar solutions for your needs.

The future will surely revolve around renewable and sustainable sources of energy, and Ever Power Solar is ready to assist your transformation to solar power seamlessly in Mackay. Explore our web portal for added details, products, services and testimonials from all our satisfied customers.

Connect with our solar specialists for solar packages, solar panels price, and also get assistance on solar panels QLD government rebate guidelines. Contact us for a free quote or directly call us on 1800 819 617 to take the foremost step towards sustainability!

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