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Why Going Solar Is A Smart Choice For Australians?

Solar energy plants in Australia are booming and it does not seem to stop. As a matter of fact; it is continuously on the rise. Every day more and more Australians are embracing solar energy for their homes. It is quite common today to see solar panels on our rooftop and terrace and the number is significantly growing. Australia, in fact, sold the highest amount of solar plants in 2018. Going solar now is easier than ever. Australia, as we all know, is a world leader in solar power generation. 2018 was the best year so far smashing all the energy records. According to the CEC reports 2019, solar energy in Australia has powered up 2 million + homes and added 1.55GW of rooftop solar installed across the country. If we talk specifically, Queensland is an ideal place in Australia for solar power. Solar panels in Brisbane, QLD make up the largest share of solar energy and it will contribute to 17% of the state’s energy once the new solar farms are completed. Renewable resources made up 23% of Australia’s total energy generation in 2018.It has transformed the way we use electricity. This paradigm shift in energy consumption is taking place because of certain reasons.

4 Reasons Why Solar is the Smart Choice

1. It’s free

It comes with no cost. The sun provides us energy unconditionally. We can use it as much as we want. What’s more, nobody has a monopoly over it. All you need is a solar panel on your rooftop and there you go!

2. Environment-friendly

We have been excessively using fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources for decades. It is high time to reduce the carbon footprint. We have looming global warming and the dangers of greenhouse effects.It is growing year on year. Solar energy is a renewable source. It reduces potential environmental threats. It is safe and does not release any pollutants.

3. Going off the grid

Perhaps; the best advantage of solar panels. As we talked earlier, solar plants don’t need electricity. Moreover, there is no power cut! Solar energy does not rely on fossil fuels, coals, and natural gas. It is not just environment-friendly but saves a good amount of money as well. In nutshell, no blackouts, no power cut and more security from any sort of electric disaster. You can even store electricity in battery storage.

4. Less electricity loss

What’s the need for big power plants when you right away get the energy from your rooftop? It improves efficiency. Your utility bills will be reduced with less power interruption.It removes your dependency from regular electricity. Basically, you achieve electricity independence once you install solar plants on your terrace.

The future of solar energy in Australia

We have been witnessing a dramatic rise in solar power usage in Australia over the years. It has grown from 1.34 kW in 2009 to 7.13 kW in 2018. Consequently, 1 out of 5 Australian households has a solar panel installed on rooftop. Furthermore, the Federal government has been consistently supporting and encouraging solar farms and plants across the country. Some of the regional initiatives such as solar home programs are taken by states to facilitate it even more. Using solar energy is the right way to heading towards a sustainable future. As they say “Charity begins at home”, we all should take a step in the right direction and do our bit to save the environment. Ever power solar is a leading solar power system company in Australia. We have installed hundreds of solar panels extensively in QLD, NSW and WA. If you are looking for solar power installation at your home, call us on 1800 819 617

03 November 2020

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